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Whole Wheat Focaccia

750g Whole wheat
500g bread flour 
1125g Cold Water (4°C, 39°F)
30g salt
25g extra virgin olive oil
5g fresh yeast
Using a stand mixer;
-Dissolve the yeast in the water, add it to all the flour and start mixing on low speed for 10min
-Add the salt and keep mixing on low speed until absorbed
-Increase the speed and mix for another 10min (speed 4 on a kitchen aid)
-Reduce the speed back to slow and add the olive oil
-Mix for 5min until incorporated
-Transfer your dough on a lightly flowered surface and give it a couple folds
-Put it in a plastic container (your dough will double in size, use a container big enough)
-Cover with a lid and cold proof in the fridge for 48h
-Take it out of the fridge and portion your pizza by pre-shaping into balls.
-Proof 2-3h at room temperature, covered with plastic wrap or in a container deep enough with a lid on
-Stretch your pizza by hand (round or square), season and bake immediately
-Bake at 570°F
NOTE: depending on the environment temperature in which you proof your dough, your pizza will rise faster on a warmer environment and slower if kept cool. Make sure you check on it often, it’s ready when it doubles in size.

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