Roman pizza was all I ever knew growing up. As I began traveling the world and learning about different cultures, I realized that pizza could take on many different shapes and forms. Each city has its own version of pizza and after trying as many varieties as I could, I developed my own interpretation of what I think pizza should be. I hope that by sharing mine with all of you... you can experience all the places I’ve come across and been influenced by.

Margherita or Anchovy Marinara? .

How to Pre-shape Pizza dough

For all the pizza recipes you'll find here, this is the step-by-step video on how to pre-shape (or ball) your pizza dough before the final proof. This is a fundamental step when making pizza because it allows you to portion your dough into desired size (whether you make round or roman tray), but it also facilitates the shaping, as well as giving your dough extra strength.
In this video I show how I pre-shape my pizza dough right after the cold proof in the fridge to then final proof it for another 3-4h before shaping, seasoning and cooking.






Romana in Teglia


Whole Wheat Focaccia