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Chef Daniele Brenci

How It Got Started..

Growing up, I spent a lot of time on my Grandma’s farm just outside of Rome, where I fell in love with the flavors of her garden. She would take me foraging in the forest around her property, and taught me how to make use of everything nature has to offer. Her passion for food has always lived inside me and inspired me to become the curious chef I am today. I am always hungry to learn more, to discover new ingredients, and inspire joy for everyone I meet. Food is more than just something to be consumed, it’s something to experience. Cooking allows me to be connected to nature, discover the land around me and bring people together. I have worked in restaurants my whole life, from Rome, to London, to Malibu, to Chicago and now in Pittsburgh. Each new city has helped me to grow and learn more about the culinary world.

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